Celebrated the Libyan Transparency Association (LTA) for the fourth time in a row the way the International Anti-corruption Day 9 December 2014 in Benghazi – LIBYA Cooperation with Civil Initiatives Libya.


Celebrated the Libyan Transparency Association (LTA) for the fourth time in a row the way the International Anti-corruption Day 9 December 2014 in Benghazi – LIBYA Cooperation with Civil Initiatives Libya.

When corruption is rampant, some of us might think that the magnitude and complexity of the situation is hopeless. At the same time, making governments more open, accountable, and responsive to citizens is not a choice, but a responsibility which lies with each and every one of us.

To “break the corruption chain” and encourage turning this fight into a global movement, we, at Libyan Transparency Association (LTA) have launched a global campaign to commemorate the 2014 International Anti-corruption Day in Libya.

The message is simple: “Taking back what was lost to corrupt practices is everyone’s responsibility”. It is the responsibility of our governments and civil society organizations, of the private sector and the media, the general public, and of the youth, who must play a pivotal role in seeing this agenda through so that their future is built on solid and honest foundations.

Today, we, as partners, mark the International Anti Corruption Day. For, indeed, fighting corruption effectively requires a partnership of all stakeholders, not only the government but also civil society, the youth, women, the media, among others. “Break the Corruption Chain”, this year’s theme, is a clear message, capturing the need for us to form partnerships, work together, to raise awareness in societies about corruption, to report it, to prosecute it, to punish it, to deter it, and to ensure integrity and accountability for the benefit of all citizens and governments. Only then, can economic prosperity, equality and justice for all.

And also asked the Libyan Transparency Society in its recommendations to the Libyan state as follows: –
1. The abolition of all committees related to the recovery of Libyan assets looted and smuggled abroad and the abolition of the 10% and approved for these committees and the formation of a commission of inquiry into their actions.
2. The formation of a committee or a national body to recover money Libyan looted includes members of several official bodies (the central bank – the Ministry of Finance – Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Ministry of Justice – Ministry of Interior – the Attorney General – Office of the Court of Accounts – National Authority for Combating Corruption) as well as a member of the organizations specialized in the field of civil society with the benefit of the experience of Star initiative of the World Bank and the UN Office of drugs and Crime.
3. activate and implement the provisions of the UN Convention against Corruption in Libya.
4. The Libyan state demanding the government to bring them behalf to freeze Libyan funds looted and smuggled to all the countries of the former regime members and current, according to UN anti-corruption convention to requests.
5. provide logistical support and stand by the Libyan Transparency Association to appeal the case number 867 for the year 67 BC filed by the Assembly to freeze the funds Libyan looted.
6. formation of a commission of inquiry to the deputy head of the Anti-Corruption Commission and some members of the body of the charges against them and bring them to justice and make a decision to freeze the assets of Anti-Corruption Commission and not to dispose of the funds and prevent the Vice President of the Commission and some members of the Commission from traveling abroad until the investigation.
7. choose a president and members of the National Authority for Combating Corruption international standards of well-known in the community and are renowned for their integrity, transparency and good reputation with everyone and have them experience in the field of combating corruption through the activities of local and international dignitaries

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